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Which will it be?  There are three types of coats in Australian Cobberdogs; fleece, wool and smooth. These different coats give the dogs different appearances.  Regardless of the type of coat, every genuine Cobberdog shares the same positive personality traits for which they were specifically bred, these being gentle nature, intuition, intelligence, and connection with humans.  But the different coat type provide different benefits for the owners, so let’s explore the coats and why you might choose one over another.

Firstly, Cobberdog coats are not like regular dog hair texture.  Instead, the coat comprises a natural fibre more like Angora goat fibre, with greater moisture content and more light reflection than hair.  This means that it feels silky, fine and soft to touch, and has a shiny, silky sheen.  

Cobberdog coats have no ‘doggy smell’ and so are less or non-allergenic.  This is because they have little or low shedding or dander; read on to see how that works...  Shedding is where hair falls from the coat loosening dead skin cells called dander, which create that unpleasant doggy smell. The cells settle on surfaces or float in the air and irritate allergy sufferers! With very little or low shedding, the Cobberdog coat makes this breed a great choice for allergy sufferers. 

FLEECE COATS appear silky and wavy.  The coat fibres gather and hang in soft clusters called staples, that fall in waves and swirls. The fleece coat Cobberdog has little or low shedding, and is free of doggy odour.  The really great thing about fleece coats is that dirt falls out of the coat!

WOOL COATS  hang in spirals and are truly beautiful. There is even less shedding with this coat, so it is the most suitable for allergy sufferers. (CHINO blond ringlets) There is no odour because there is almost no skin cell shedding.  These dogs rarely need washing because there is none of that doggy smell, unless you really want to wash them or they roll in something offensive!

SMOOTH COATS   are a combination of hair and fleece; the fibres are gorgeous soft, silky and smooth. The smooth coat Cobberdog looks most different around the face; because it has no facial ‘furnishings’, the face is smooth and seems longer. The smooth coat characteristics cannot be seen at birth; it's not until about 4-6 weeks when we notice that they have velvety little faces instead of the facial coat developing.  The biggest advantage of this coat is that it is very easy to care for: by having no facial coat, they rarely get ear issues, and ear access for ear care is really simple.
These coats never need clipping like the long fleece and wool coats, just trimming around their feet. These coats shed a little more than the other types, so brushing helps remove fallen hairs.

Remember, all these coat types need brushing to keep their coats healthy and free from matting.  Find out more about Cobberdog coats and their care at our webpage Cobberdog Coats.

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