Cobberdog Characteristics

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Characteristics & Features of Cobberdogs

Cobberdogs have beautiful temperament

The Australian Cobberdog temperament really sets it apart from all other breeds.  Cobberdogs were developed with particular attention paid to the trait of temperament.

Your puppy will need to be trained and socialised properly to optimise their potential.  There are not born trained!  With proper training and socialising, the Cobberdog is a dog that is loving and consistently non aggressive.  Cobberdogs are calm, gentle, social, humorous and extremely clever.  These dogs also have lots of energy when sent out to play, but are happy to relax indoors.

Cobberdogs tend to be very friendly and love to be touched and handled.  They are generally not timid or shy and a beautiful characteristic of the Cobberdog is that they will look into your eyes deeply, with trust and love!


Ridgy Didge Cobberdog coats are non-sheddingRidgy Didge Cobberdog - great with children

Cobberdogs are allergy friendly!

The Cobberdog coat is odour-free and low shedding.  This makes them perfect choices for people allergic to dog hair.  It also makes the dogs a much more desirable indoors pet, as you won't have dog constant hair shedding on and around your furniture, carpets and soft furnishings.  Grooming the coat keeps it tangle free and in beautiful condition, and Cobberdogs just love the handling that comes with brushing their coat!

These dogs love water!

This is a really great feature of these dogs.  If you visit the beach or dams, your dog will spend endless hours frolicking in and around the water, and swimming when you throw sticks out for it, or go in yourself.   After the water, there's always the sand and dirt to roll in and transform into a sea monster!

Cobberdogs are intelligent & highly trainable

The Cobberdog is keen to learn and easy to train, and they have innate intuition about the physical and emotional state of the people they are around.  Good socialisation and training is essential to ensure your dog meets it's potential as a well-behaved companion and pet. 

All together, these traits make these dogs perfect for pets and for companions for people with special needs - therapy dogs, assistance dogs, guide dogs, and alert dogs.

Cobberdog Size

Cobberdogs are bred in four categories of size, which means potential owners can select a pet size that best suits their lifestyle and space. 
The size category is determined by the grown height of the dog, from the shoulder.  Weight for the size category is only given to help you to imagine the dog's size.
Measurement of height is taken on a level surface with the dog standing; measuring straight from the ground next to the paw to top of the shoulder blades/wither.

We have a great blog that tells you more about Cobberdog size - read it here.

PLEASE NOTE:  Ridgy Didge Cobberdogs does not breed Standard Cobberdogs.

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Ridgy Didge Cobberdogs come in three size categories
These Cobberdogs are L-R: Small Medium, Miniature and miniature.
L-R: Small Medium, Medium & Miniature Cobberdogs.