Cobberdog Breed

Cobberdog is a registered 'Pure Breed in Development'

The Master Dog Breeders & Associates only registers pure breed dogs, and officially recognised Cobberdogs as a 'pure breed in development' in January 2012. The MDBA is the only registry body in the world authorised to register Australian Cobberdogs.

When a Cobberdog puppy is registered, this confirms that the puppy is a genuine Cobberdog. This proves the puppy has a registered Cobberdog mother and father. Genuine Cobberdog litter siblings will all be recognisable as siblings, and will have very similar features and characteristics.

If you want an authentic Australian Cobberdog, you'll need to ask for proof of registration and breeding.  Ask to see MDBA breeder membership and MDBA registration certificates of both breeding parents. Only MDBA registered breeders breed true Australian Cobberdogs.

Master Dog Breeders Association seal of membership and pure breed
Master Dog Breeders Association

What is an Australian Cobber Dog?

The genuine Australian Cobberdog has a truly lovely, friendly nature, and a non-shedding, low odour coat.

The Cobberdog was purpose-bred to be the perfect companion pet for people with special needs. Selective breeding by the founders Tegan and Rutland preserved specific physical and character traits considered to be desirable.  Their breeding vision also included an 'allergy friendly' coat for their dogs, so people who suffered allergies could enjoy a companion pet.

Cobber Dogs also have a unique intuitive ability to feel emotions of those close to them. They 'feel' the presence of sickness, sadness and joy and will respond by cuddling up, playing or just staying close. Cobberdogs actually make eye contact to connect with you and will even respond to your facial expression and body language. Altogether, these qualities make the Australian Cobberdog very special.  See them in action below!

Happy dogs

Posted by Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdogs on Monday, 7 January 2019

Purebreed Cobberdog with blue merle non-shedding fleece coat

Cobberdog resting

Preserving the Cobberdog Breed

Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdogs is a member of MDBA (Master Dog Breeders & Associates).  We are a registered breeder of genuine Australian Cobberdogs.

Breeding:  The MDBA has a defined philosophy, which is "breeding of purebred dogs in an ethical, responsible  manner with the primary focus on what is best for the dogs is the better outcome for the breeds".  This association opposes 'puppy farming', animal abuse and over-breeding.  As MDBA members, we follow ethical breeding principles and have accountability through regular inspections. 

Pedigree Records:  Ridgy Didge Cobberdogs follows the MDBA's stringent pedigree registration requirements.  We maintain a detailed pedigree register for each dog and puppy.  This records DNA and health results, and championship results.  It also records ancestors working history, temperament and idiosyncrasies.

Every breeder and buyer can access this information for all MDBA registered dogs.  Therefore, breeders can make breeding decisions based on thorough history (past and present) and science.  This ensures that breeding parents are less likely to pass unwanted genetic and inherited issues down to puppies.  Ultimately, you can be confident that your Ridgy Didge pup will have optimal health and beautiful temperament.

Cobberdog with rich brown fleece coat
"Tegans Poetic Breeze" courtesy of
Tegans Australian Cobberdogs.


Cobberdogs are bred in four categories of size, which means potential owners can select a pet size that best suits their lifestyle and space.  Measurement is taken on a level surface with the dog standing, straight from the ground next to paw to top of shoulder blades. (Wither)

Clidk the table to read more about Cobberdog sizing.

Cobberdogs come in three size categories

Acknowledgement is given to Tegans Australian Cobber Dogs as a great source of much information.