Puppy Ear Cleaning


Ear cleaning is not very difficult, but it’s often neglected! It is a really important for your Cobberdog puppy’s ongoing health!


Listen up!  Dogs (and puppies) have very long ear canals that have a right angle bend in them, AND, Cobberdogs have long floppy ears.  Together, these characteristics create a deep, dark, moist place that air doesn’t circulate through. Dogs that like to swim need careful attention to their ears, and most Cobberdogs love to swim! It’s also easy for wax, hair and foreign materials (grass, seeds, etc) to be trapped in the ear canal. And it’s a perfect undisturbed place where yeast and bacteria can flourish!


You can suspect a yeast overgrowth if there’s a cheesy smell around your puppy's or dog’s head or you notice your pet scratching his ears often.  If you notice your pup’s ear is red, itchy or painful, you can be fairly certain there’s an infection and you really should see your vet for help: if you pour solution into an infected ear you can make it worse.

dogs ears
The ear canal is long, angled, moist and dark!



Like human ears, some dogs/puppies need more and some need less attention to their ears. By cleaning monthly ideally, and once a week at most, you should be able to keep your pup’s ears clean and problem-free.


We’re going to make it simple, step by step. (NEVER use olive oil, vinegar or regular shampoo for ear cleaning!)

We now use and recommend Kleo ear cleaning solution now, which has it's own spout and is so simple.
See our FB video to watch us cleaning Shimmer's ear with Kleo. 

Click to see our FB Ear Cleaning video.

You can also use the below method if that's what you have. Malaseb shampoo is a medicated antibacterial, antifungal and antipruritic shampoo, available from pet shops, vets and online.
You’ll need:

  1. 100ml of cooled boiled water
  2. A cup/jug with a pouring lip
  3. Malaseb shampoo
  4. Clean disposable cotton pads

What to do:

  1. MEASURE just 3ml of Malaseb and put into your water in your pouring jug.
  2. Lift the pup’s ear up from the underside to see into the canal.
  3. Pour the Malaseb-water soloution into the ear canal until it is FULL and hold.
    This is important – it’s the volume that gets deep into the ear canal to dissolve the wax and move it.
  4. Massage down behind the ear at the base where it meets the head, for about 20 full seconds. You should hear a good squelchy sound as you massage!
    This action will dislodge and float any wax and foreign bits out.  The wax will be dark and grainy to look at, you may see more at the ear entrance over the next day.
  5. Wipe the ear out with a clean cotton pad..
  6. Let the dog shake to clear the solution.


ear cleaning
Lift and fill the ear with the solution.


dog ear cleaning
Massage below the ear to loosen wax & debris in the ear.


Now schedule a reminder for when you should next clean, and rest easy.