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Testimonials & Stories

This page showcases media stories and what our Ridgy Didge puppy adoption families say about their puppies and Ridgy Didge.  Contact us via the button below, or apply for puppy adoption through our Adoption Form.

Ridgy Didge helping humans

Courier Mail, March 2018.
This heart-warming Courier Mail story is about Alfie, one of our very own Ridgy Didge puppies.  Read more...

Pymble loves Archie!

Pymble Ladies College rep, April 2021.
Archie arrived on campus on 1st September 2020 and has provided our College community with incredible love...  read more

Raven & Bristol in the classroom

Beaudesert Times, March 2018
This lovely article is about Raven, and puppy Bristol, two of our very own Ridgy Didge puppies...  Read more...

Jack makes us laugh

Jack helps in hospital! February 2022.
Just thought I would update you on sandy nose his new name is Jack and he is very well behaved when out and about ...  read more

Maggie Delta Dog

Beatrice Pate, August 2022
This was Maggie's first day as a Delta Therapy Dog, Maggie is from Nellie and Asa...  Read more...

Whoopie Assistance Dog

Both Ends of the Leash, August 2022.
Please join us in congratulating Super Dog Whoopi and his super-human Miss 4 and her amazing mum who have passed their PAT...  read more

Bonni at RUOK Day

Sydney, September 2022
Bonnie | 15 weeks (Based in Sydney) was offering much love in the office today as an unofficial Wellbeing dog for RUOK Day....  read more


RD Charlie, August 2022.
Ridgy Didge Charlie has achieved his training vest, great things to come .  Read more...

Ridgy Didge Families share their love

Loving Gabi

Pat, September 2022
I just wanted to thank you again for Gabi ...  .  read more

Ronnie in WA

Townes Family, September 2022
Ronnie wanted to say hi and let you know he’s doing great in WA. He’s sleeping through ...  .  read more

Pippi Longstocking

Rick Nolan, September 2022
Pippi is absolutely flourishing. She has been so good with house training thanks to ...  .  read more

Amazing Kobi

Jo and Dean, Clontarf, September 2022.
Our little Kobi is an absolutely amazing puppy. She has become part of our lives instantaneously....  read more

Pups at R-D

Angela, September 2022. 
A friend and I had the pleasure of visiting Robyn and Greg of Ridgy Didge Cobberdogs when we had a visit to the Sunshine Coast recently.  ...  read more

Shadow & BFF

Jordan September 2022
Shadow has grown so much since picking him up and now ways a ways a whopping 9.8kg. Think he definitely...  .  read more

Bagel and BFF

Hannah,  July 2022. 
Bagel is such a relaxed, easy going pup. He never cried when going into his crate (not once). He's very relaxed with our kids...  read more


Erika, June 2022.
I have been a life-long cat lady... But we were given the advice that a dog would be helpful for our sensitive child. ...  read more

Cheeky little Monty

Peter & Tina, February 2022
I wanted to ... say thank you and how delighted we are to have our little pup as part of our family .  read more


Uyen, June 2022
Ash has been keeping well, she is definitely part of the family. My cousin came to visit last weekend and she made a remark....  read more

Kilani loves Ruby

Lisa, October 2020.
Robyn my family cannot thank you enough! Kilani has not only changed Ruby’s life and outlook but our whole family. ...  read more


Anna Shedrinsky-Parkinson, January 2020
After further investigation into Ridgy Didge and other breeders of this kind, we made our choice. And it was the perfect one!  ....  read more

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