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Testimonials & Stories

This page showcases media stories and what our Ridgy Didge puppy adoption families say about their puppies and Ridgy Didge.  Contact us via the button below, or apply for puppy adoption through our Adoption Form.

Pymble loves Archie!

Pymble Ladies College rep, April 2021.
Robyn my family cannot thank you enough! Kilani has not only changed Ruby’s life ...  read more

Kilani loves Ruby

Lisa, October 2020.
Robyn my family cannot thank you enough! Kilani has not only changed Ruby’s life ...  read more

Dougall and his Buddy

Jenny O'Keefe,  February 2020.
I have to let you know how grateful I am for your care in choosing RD Dougal for us.....  read more


Anna Shedrinsky-Parkinson, January 2020
After further investigation into Ridgy Didge and other breeders of this kind, we made our choice. And it was the perfect one!  ....  read more

Griff & his Bestie

Kate Burke, January 2020
We got our beautiful pup, Griff, from Ridgy Didge and he has settled into our family beautifully. ....  read more


Michelle Williams, September 2019
Once again we are completely amazed at the absolute perfection that is a RD Cobberdog puppy! ......  read more

Saffron Moon

Belinda Williams, September 2019
...distracted most days by one funny, curious, clever, crazy, giant-hearted golden beam of fluffy sunshine.....  read more

Digby & Friend

Digby's Family, December 2019
Just wanting to thank you for our gorgeous boy, Digby! He has transitioned ...seamlessly and we couldn’t be happier....  read more

Sir Reginald

Sir Reginald's Family, December 2019
Just wanted to thank you so much for our amazing boy. I can’t quite believe how chilled and easy going he is.....  read more


Joanne Gregory, January 2019
We highly recommend Ridgy didge Australian Cobberdogs! We have had our Billie for 2 days and he has......  read more


Jenny Creagh, December 2018
Such a good girl, quick learner, loving, a little mischievous but an amazingly easy puppy......  read more

Cobberdog puppy

Tatum Burkett, March 2019
Robyn and Greg, I can’t thank you enough! Webster arrived a week ago and is the most loyal, entertaining,....  read more

cobberdogs in aclassroom
Raven & Bristol in the classroom

Beaudesert Times, March 2018
This lovely article is about Raven, and puppy Bristol, two of our very own Ridgy Didge puppies...  read moe

Ridgy Didge puppy

Belinda Williams, August 2018
...most of our waking moments have been filled with happy memories of our visit to Ridgy Didge...  read more

Ridgy Didge Cobberdog

Lisa Khoury, August 2018
Monty is a beautiful dog with the most loving nature. I have often thought...  read more

Cobberdog pup

Mickey Davies, November 2018
Our puppy Boo is an absolute joy! Robyn and Greg have been extremely helpful and supportive....  read more

Cobberdog pup

Michelle Williams, October 2018
Robyn and Greg have done the most amazing job in breeding the best little puppies ever!...  read more

Calm gentle cobberdogs
Bon Scott

Adam & Amy, July 2018
Our Ridgy Didge pup Bon Scott is such a great puppy. Since we’ve had...  read more

Ridgy Didge Cobberdog pup

Judy and Greg, June 2018
Just wanted to share how great our first week with our little man has gone...  read more

Ridgy Didge Cobberdog

Trisha Hoban, July 2018
How lucky we are to be chosen as an owner of one of these amazing fur babies. Robyn and Greg have...  read more

black cobberdog puppy

Glenn Lennell, June 2018
After what seemed like a lifetime, Murphy is home.  He is absolutely a beautiful boy...  read more

Australian Cobberdog
Alfie goes to School

Courier Mail, March 2018
This heart-warming Courier Mail story is about Alfie, one of our very own Ridgy Didge puppies...  read more

Cobberdog puppy

Kim Dennis, December 2017
I wish I could bottle 'essence of puppy' and share it online, because our gorgeous...  read more

Cobberdog pup

Philippa Jacks, April 2018
We have had our gorgeous Rosie for four days now and she is a delightful pup...  read more


Therrie Rosenvald, Pawsitive Psychology,
April 2018
...I cannot praise the wonderful care and love Robyn and Greg at Ridgy Didge Cobberdogs have given Toffee....  read more

Australian Cobberdog
Lil Musse

Pia Wick, September 2017
I strongly recommend Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdogs. Robyn and Greg...  read more

Australian Cobberdog
Macey Rose

Megan Turner, July 2017
From the moment I contacted Robyn about her beautiful litter of puppies, I could feel ...  read more

Cobberdog puppy

Melissa Murray, November 2017
Robyn paired our little boy Hugo to us 4 weeks ago. He has been a very special...  read more

Austalian Cobberdog
Lil Manda

Susanna Hemming, Sept 2017
Robyn and Greg take really good care of their dogs, and of the families adopting...  read more

Australian Cobberdog

Sonia Gallart, July 2017
We picked up our gorgeous puppy, Billy, from Ridgy Didge at Easter......  read more

Cobberdog non-shedding coat

Hayley Brimelow, December 2017
Robyn and Greg are amazing. We had constant communication with them throughout our puppy adoption....  read more

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