Puppy Adoption Form – to apply to adopt a Ridgy Didge puppy

Puppy Adoption

Before your complete and return our Adoption Form below, please read  this information about our Adoption Process, carefully and fully.  This information contains all the steps, costs, commitments and responsibilities associated with adopting a Ridgy Didge Cobberdog puppy.

We take great efforts to carefully match puppies to families, to ensure the best possible outcome for the dog and family.  Understanding what’s involved before you submit an application will streamline this process, and help make it more satisfying for both you and Ridgy Didge.

Thank you for your understanding and attention.


Cobberdog puppies



Please complete and submit this form to apply to adopt a Ridgy Didge Puppy.

IMPORTANT, please read BEFORE you send a deposit and complete the form: 
we process your application, a $300 non-refundable booking fee is required, which will come off the total cost for your puppy. We cannot process your application until this booking fee is received.  After your booking fee is received and your application is successfully processed, you will then go onto our waitlist for a suitable puppy
Your position in the waitlist is dependent on the transacted receipt of your booking fee in our account.
Your booking fee is transferable to future litters if no puppy is able to be allocated or your needs change.

PLEASE include your surname used on the booking form in your BANK TRANSFER REFERENCE. This enables us to link payments & applications.
Our bank details are:  Account Name: Goozee FT /  BSB 484-799  /  Account Number: 605 407 885

PLEASE NOTE:  from time to time as expenses increase we need to increase our prices; if puppy prices increase before we are able to match a puppy to your family, and you do not wish to proceed, we will be happy to refund your $300 deposit.

If Booking Fee PAID, please send date paid and receipt number; If Booking Fee NOT PAID, please DO NOT submit this form until paid. It helps with our processing if you can send us a screen shot of your bank deposit if possible.
Home or mobile, or both, whichever you prefer
Your home address, including street, town/city, state, country and postcode
* Only required if puppy is to be flown instead of pickup. Transportation costs must be covered by adopting family.
With this information, we can better match the puppy to your family and prioritise your needs around allergies or special needs/health issues.
Please give details such as family size, home/unit, yard/no yard, fence/no fence, leisure activities, work situation, etc. to help us decide if a more active or quiet puppy would be the best match.
Tell us about your other pets, your confidence to train a dog, whether you want placid or highly intuitive dog, previous experience with dogs and training, etc.
Tell us the time-frame that you want to receive your puppy - this helps us to plan when litters may be due. PLEASE NOTE: puppies go home at 9 weeks of age
PLEASE BE AWARE: If your preference for the sex and colour of your puppy is VERY specific and non-negotiable, it may take longer to match a puppy for you.
Sometimes, the temperament of the puppy may be a more outstanding match for a family's special need for the dog, than the colour of the dog. Being open to any colour may mean you receive a puppy sooner.
Matching the puppy that will best suit your family & living situation, lifestyle and needs may be more important than the sex of the puppy. Puppies will be desexed before they go home to you. If you are seeking a dog for breeding, please contact us direct via our contact page of message us on FB.