Responsible Breeding at Ridgy Didge

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Our Responsible Ridgy Didge Breeding Program


We love our dogs! We care very much about the health and happiness of our Cobberdogs and the integrity of the breed. Our membership with MDBA demonstrates that we follow strict ethical breeding guidelines.  So, you can be confident that Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdogs is not a 'puppy farm'.  There are no over-whelped mothers and no endless supply of Ridgy Didge Cobberdog puppies to flood the market. 

Read on to find out details about how we care for our dogs and puppies, and how we ensure out families get really healthy, lovely pups.

Genetic & Health Testing  

See full details of our Genetic & Health Testing HERE
At Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdogs we are committed to breeding healthy puppies for peace of mind of our adopting families.  And we are also committed to the ongoing health and consistency in characteristics for the Australian Cobberdog breed that is still in development.

At Ridgy Didge, all our breeding dogs have genetic screening through Orivet and Paw Prints in the USA.  Their genetic and health screen results are featured on each dog's breeding profile on our website. Our buyers can check health and genetic screens before committing to a Ridgy Didge puppy and have real peace of mind.

We select the very best pup from each litter to breed into the next generation. Not every selected puppy makes it to the breeding program, and this is heart-breaking at times, but we think the results are worth our stringent standards.
When old enough, each selected pup is genetically tested and health screened:

  • genetic testing for all screen-able canine diseases, there are 39 at the moment and it is continually increasing. 

  • the coat is tested for fleece/wool,

  • teeth are checked for alignment,

  • hips & elbows are X-rayed for joint integrity,

  • eyes health is checked

  • heart health is checked, and

  • temperament is evaluated.

 All of this is a very big investment in time and money, but is so very important for our puppies, families and the breed.. See the full list of tests on our Genetic & Health Screening page.

We encourage all puppy buyers to research extensively to ensure your chosen puppy has had all the health screening and genetic testing that we recommend.

Breeding Grounds  

Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdogs is nestled on fifteen acres of beautiful, peaceful farm-land in the glorious Queensland Sunshine Coast.  There are gardens, stock animals and lots of space, fresh air and sunshine, so our puppies are well stimulated, well exercised and very happy!

Cobberdogs love the sand and water, and our dogs love visiting the nearly pristine beaches.  Our dogs are part of our family, and they enjoy traveling and socialising with us.  Our grandchildren are also regular visitors and playmates for the dogs and puppies.  This means the puppies are loved and socialised right from birth. 

Your family is welcome to visit your puppy after first vaccinations and health checks, and right up until your pup goes home with you.

Cobberdogs at the beach

Ridgy Didge Parent Dogs

Cobberdogs are very special to us.  So here at Ridgy Didge all our parent dogs are real loved pets with families and homes.  They live with us at our rural Sunshine Coast property, or with local guardian families.  Find out about our Guardian Program here.

We work closely with our guardian families to keep the dogs as healthy and happy as they can be. These dogs come in to our property at mating and whelping time. The guardian mother dogs only have two litters of pups before they are retired from breeding, and live permanently with their families.

All our puppy parents are DNA screened for potential common diseases and very carefully considered before being mated.  This ensures the best mother-father combination.  We look at temperament, size, coat type and colour, strengths and weaknesses.  By doing this we are confident we can provide the very best possible little pups that grow into beautiful pets.

Male Parent Dog Profiles

Female Parent Dog Profiles

Ridgy Didge Cobberdog images

Ridgy Didge Puppies


Ridgy Didge puppies are born inside our home with us by their side. Whelping, as it is called, can take up to eight hours and just like humans, the mums sometimes get tired and need help. We simply observe during the entire process, occasionally providing a little assistance and support. If there is ever urgent need, we are just ten minutes away from a 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital.

Cobberdog puppies from Ridgy Didge Breeding program


Having puppies in our home means they get lots of family stimulation from day one, especially when grandchildren visit and have gentle, supervised cuddles.  It also gives us good opportunity to start Early Neural Stimulation (ENS).  This involves handling the puppies daily, by gently turning them on their backs and stroking their tummies, placing them on different textured surfaces, tickling between their toes and so much more. All of this attention prepares Ridgy Didge puppies for lives as wonderful, tolerant, resilient, affectionate Australian Cobberdogs.

Newborn Cobberdog puppy being held

Growing Up, Weaning & Diet 

Once they start to move around and explore, our pups go outside into spacious pens with big grassed runs.  Because of this, the pups very quickly learn to toilet outside their room. They have lots of things to play with and to look at and experience.  These include toys, moving branches from the shady trees in their yard, and our resident cows and chickens grazing nearby.

Mum still feeds the pups twice daily until about six weeks then they are weaned. The puppies' diet then consists of good quality grain-free kibble with free range chicken and beef at night. During their last weeks with us, from six to nine weeks of age, the pups start to enjoy organic lamb bones under the shady olive and tahitian lime trees.

Cows at the Ridgy Didge fence

Health Care  

Our puppies are wormed at two, four, six and eight weeks of age. Regular shampooing in organic wool wash begins at four weeks, and then they are dried and their ears cleaned. This bathing routine also takes place before each vet visit and before leaving us to go to their new home.  The puppies are vet checked, vaccinated and micro-chipped at 7 weeks, and health cleared before going off to their families at between 8 and 9 weeks of age.  The pups go home with six weeks of free pet insurance from Pet Cover.

Puppies at the vet

Photo Records

We take plenty of photos along the way to send to the puppies’ respective families so they can be part of their early growing up.  This is really important for our further-away and interstate adoption families who usually can’t visit. 


Going Home

All puppies go to their new families at between 8 and 9 weeks.  The Pedigree with MDBA (Master Dog Breeders Association) Registration Number comes later, once all puppy names are submitted.  Pups go home with six weeks of free Pet Care pet insurance.

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Read more background about our story, and why we chose to breed Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdogs here.

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