Our Background

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About our Family...

We are a family business, and our names are Robyn and Greg; that's us at right!  We have spent 30 years in the hinterland where we raised our three children.   Greg and I have always loved animals and our background includes breeding and showing German Shepherds and Quarter Horses.

our work...

Both of us worked in Maleny.  Robyn, a qualified Homeopath established a successful natural healing business now winding down after 30 years.  With a solid foundation of practical animal knowledge the practice expanded into successfully treating horses and dogs, and the occasional needy chook was never overlooked!


Picture of Robyn and Greg Goozee

Greg built our first house with his fabulous skills as a carpenter, and continued in various parts of the housing industry. He has now expanded his portfolio and designs and constructs great living quarters for our dogs when they are not in our house with us.  He also builds the puppy-friendly areas for our mums and pups when they are an age that outdoor living is healthier. 

Our care and dedication to all things leading to happy and healthy pets is evident in our visitor reviews. You can be sure that we are committed to safe, hygienic and ethical practices; we want our pups to grow to be the healthiest, most beautiful pets and companions. 


our Journey...

As our kids grew up and moved out, the Shepherds grew old and passed on.  We started looking into non shedding dog breeds that would be easier to manage as we got older, and would be safe and social when grandchildren came to visit.

It was while investigating non-shedding dog breeds that we met Mellodie and Len from Tegans Australian Cobberdogs.  They introduced us to the pure breed Australian Cobberdog and this was very exciting.

At this point our journey really started!  We discovered there was so much to learn from this couple, who founded the exceptional Australian Cobberdog pure breed.

and now Cobberdogs...

Since 2012 the Australian Cobberdog has been registered with the International Master Dog Breeders Association (MDBA) as a pure breed in development.

Master Dog Breeders Association badge

...why Cobberdogs for us?

As breeders, it was the look of the dog that attracted us to the Cobberdog, and the low-shedding allergy friendly coat. We don’t have allergies ourselves, but having bred German Shepherds for many years the thought of not having hair everywhere was a huge plus! The health of the breed is another star feature of the Cobberdog; throughout its development it has been protected through DNA testing, making it a supremely healthy canine companion. 

It is hard to favour any one specific characteristic about this breed; it just keeps ticking boxes! Health, temperament, intelligence, beauty, size variations… 



...but the most special quality of all...

But the one thing Cobberdogs have that no other breed has is their ability to connect with you. These dogs deliberately draw eye contact with you! This is the only breed in the world developed purely to be a service, assistance and medic alert dog. With those qualities, it is a given that they are amazing family companions too.

We love these dogs and providing families with such beautiful companions.

Robyn & Greg

Cobberdog looking directly at you