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Following our blog about dog parks risks, we thought we should delve more into the critical 16 weeks ‘socialisation period’ for puppies and explore much better options for your puppy.  This crucially important imprinting period is an opportunity to provide your puppy positive encounters with as many and varied sights,Keep Reading
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Many new families comment on their adoption application that they will take puppy to the dog park. We think it's time to write a blog about this and shed light on the subject. For many reasons dog parks are NOT such a great idea for puppies, and even older dogsKeep Reading
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Did you know that dogs are able to help children with special needs? We all know well the emotional support and companionship that a lovely pet provides, but therapy dogs are particularly special animals that provide so much more to a child with special needs! The unconditional, non-judgemental and empatheticKeep Reading
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February 4, 2022

The Perfect Cobberdog?!

Hmmmm…what is the perfect Cobberdog?  There is a breed standard for the Australian Cobberdog which is a detailed written description of the characteristics of the ideal Cobberdog.  It details the look, describing every physical feature of an ideal Cobberdog and temperament, the ideal breed behaviour of that Cobberdog. The AustralianKeep Reading
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We thought we would explain what Hip Scores are, and what they mean for your puppy. Here at Ridgy Didge Cobberdogs, we decided early on that we would start doing Penn Hip & Elbow X-rays on all our potential breeding dogs, along with extensive testing for genetic diseases and coatKeep Reading
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Ridgy Didge Puppy Adoption Applications are now closed until end of 2020. Our waitlist is full, and as further litters are bred they are already spoken for until into 2021. We apologise for any disappointment.  But we want our supporters to understand that our responsible breeding program takes time andKeep Reading
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