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Stripping that bone flosses those teeth!Chicken thigh and wing bits as part of adult dog meal. It’s pretty hard to dispute the fact that dogs LOVE bones!  That same old question “what do dogs eat in the wild” gives us insight into the fact that dogs are meat-eaters and bone-eaters
At Ridgy Didge Cobberdogs, we are always learning and looking for ways to do things better. With this in mind, let’s talk about feeding our Cobberdogs. What are dogs meant to eat? Think about dogs in the wild.  What do they eat? Wild dogs kill and eat small animals, birds,
So your new puppy has arrived and he is the most special puppy ever in the history of the world! There is endless excitement and attention. But beware; training and teaching manners must be started right from Day 1 or you puppy will be ‘spoiled’ and there will be struggles
Once new puppies arrive and those photos go on FB, we get inundated with inquiries! These irresistible puppies could sell themselves many times over, but we are really committed to serving our waitlist families first, especially families with special needs for assistance dogs.  However, we need your help to be
SUMMERTIME EAR CARE  Summer is truly here in Aus! With it comes heat, humidity, grasses & seeds, pool & beach swimming (most Cobberdogs LOVE the water) and outdoor play.  All this makes ear cleaning even more important in these months.  We are reposting this blog, to remind everyone that ear
  Because of size, weight, strength and high energy, larger breed Cobberdogs (and all larger breed dogs) have two areas that need a little special attention. Larger dogs can be vulnerable to damage of skeletal structures as they grow, and they may be difficult to handle if not trained properly. 
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