Yes, at Ridgy Didge, there is a waiting period for a puppy, and if you have been considering getting a RD puppy in 2023, we’d recommend you consider joining our waitlist now.  
We have decided to continue to be slow and deliberate with our breeding, for several reasons: 

  • Our careful breeding program takes time, and we consider this a benefit for our families. 
  • Having a waitlist is our best way to plan and produce the right number of litters and puppies for our Ridgy Didge families.  
  • The waitlist allows us to carefully match family needs and lifestyle with the puppy whose nature and physical attributes are the best fit.

You see, it takes more time, expense, emotional energy, and planning to provide our families with the healthiest pups with the best-fit temperament, and that your pup has a recorded background of genetic testing and health screening including Hip & Elbow X-rays, to eliminate all the inheritable diseases that we can test for and minimise physical vulnerabilities as far as possible.

With the increased demand for assistance & therapy dogs we feel it is important for our families to be purchasing a puppy whose parents have been thoroughly health tested. The genetic and health screening of each of our breeding dogs is published on their profile page for you to see.  We have also invested a lot of time & training into learning how to choose the right puppy for you, especially if it is to be for assistance or therapy work.  We are committed to the pairings of our dogs to ensure pups meet the Cobberdog breed standard in health & appearance. 

We remain committed to our rigid breeding standards, though these do not allow quick supply and at times cause some real heartbreak here at Ridgy Didge.  Sometimes we’ve had to make the very difficult decision to remove a puppy from our breeding program because all of the health screening results were not up to the standard we have set for our breeding program. And sometimes breeding girls’ cycles don’t happen as expected.  You may have noticed when a much-anticipated beautiful breeding dog or planned breeding suddenly ‘disappears’ off the webpage.

As you know, our dogs have proven themselves over time, with many Ridgy Didge Cobberdogs in schools, and in assistance and therapy roles.   We truly hope you agree that going on our waitlist for your puppy and the peace of mind we strive to provide our families, is well worth the wait.

If you would like to adopt a Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdog, please read our Adopting a Puppy information, before you continue the adoption process and apply for our waitlist. For more information, pm us on Facebook, or contact us at our website. Like and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with ongoing puppy news and announcements.