We thought this testimonial was so very worth sharing!  This little Cobberdog has helped this little girl in so many ways!  Read on and see just how...

"Hello Robyn,
I would LOVE to share our story of life with Kilani! She has changed our lives!  We have had Kilani in our lives for 2 years in August and sometimes I wonder what we ever did without her!

We did all of Kilani’s training through Smart Pups, and they were fantastic in helping us to get Kilani PAT tested and approved.

Ruby has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder which affects her joints and ligaments, as well as her gastrointestinal system so Kilani assists with mobility and fetching, as well as providing emotional support to Ruby. Kilani is never very far from Ruby’s side, especially when Ruby is unwell. She accompanies her everywhere, including the hospital and during travel (She flew to sydney with us in December for Ruby’s follow up at the Sydney Childrens Hospital.

Over time Kilani has also learned to pick up Ruby’s hypoglycaemic episodes. She barks and stays by Ruby’s side alerting us of a problem long before her glucose monitor even recognises a drop in her sugars and before symptoms present.

We recommend Ridgy Didge to so many people and we are grateful every day that Kilani was the perfect fit for our family! While her training was tough and required a lot of commitment, I would do it all again in a flash! I would be more than happy to chat to anyone who is considering a Cobberdog for therapy or assistance! 
Lisa "

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