Ridgy Didge Cobberdog puppy

Cobberdogs are part of the family, and outings with the family are part of your Cobberdog’s day.  In most places, dogs are required to be on leash…   Without some early intentional leash training, your clever Cobberdog puppy will develop bad habits as quickly and easily as good habits, and being pulled along the street by a choking dog is not fun or satisfying for you or your pet! 

Do you want to be walking your dog, or do you want your dog to be walking you? Follow our simple guide for the basics of leash training, and have a puppy that is a joy to take out with you on leash, and easy to progress in training. 

Starting from Day 1, is so important to do at least 2 deliberate leash training sessions every day.  But please don’t just take your new little puppy for a big walk around the block! The pup will tire very easily and this will be stressful and even damaging to their little joints. Remember also that your new puppy has a short attention span and will only be focussed for a short time. Therefore, small five minute training sessions are enough to begin, followed by a play break together; play a tug toy game for example. By playing between training, your puppy learns to enjoy his training and associates being with you as always involving fun. 

We recommend a small flat collar and a light leash for little pups. Begin, Day 1, with simple introduction to the collar and leash.  At first, just have the puppy wear them indoors while you play with him and give him treats. The puppy will quickly associate collar and leash with food and fun!

We also recommend you use healthy treats like little pieces of dried liver to teach and reward positive behaviour. It is important that the treat is really small, so that your little pup can chew and swallow it quickly and then training can continue.

It is also very important that you take your time, be calm and gentle, and patient and persistent with your puppy leash training, and indeed all training! Our full Ridgy Didge Guide to Puppy Leash Training has detailed steps to move forwards, from the collar and leash introduction, teaching a treat cue, walking forwards on leash, following on leash, and walking beside on leash. Click to learn more about early successful leash training for your new puppy, with a view to enjoying many happy times out together with your pup on leash.

If you would like to adopt a Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdog, please read our Adopting a Puppy information, before you continue the adoption process. For more information, pm us on Facebook, or contact us at our website. Like and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with ongoing puppy news and announcements.