Cobberdog and child


This is such an important subject and it is in the news too often, sadly with tragic events.  

Australian Cobberdogs are specifically bred to be the most gentle and kind companions and therapy dogs.  However puppies and dogs, like all creatures, don’t have words and may need to react to defend themselves when hurt or threatened, or even when over-tired or wanting to be left alone. It is very important to make sure both the puppy and children are safe and protected at all times. 

These guidelines must be followed right from DAY 1 at home with your puppy and children, no excuses. This will help your puppy to grow up gentle, responsive and confident; and trustworthy around little people. Remember too that research suggests that children under 7 years cannot be totally responsible for puppy and dog care!

  1. NEVER leave a very young child or baby alone in the room with a puppy or dog, ever.
  2. Actively teach your young children how to interact with your Cobberdog puppy.
  3. Supervise your child playing with the puppy. Children cannot read puppy language or warning signs until they have been taught. 
  4. Always model kindness and caring and teach the child to respect the puppy at every opportunity. 
  5. Teach the child safe, positive, interactions with the puppy to keep their time together stimulating and safe.  
  6. Don’t disturb when sleeping or eating.  Crate area must be the puppy’s safe, private retreat for resting and sleeping.

See our website page Pup & Child Safety for lots of more detailed information about these Guidelines for Child Safety around your dog. 

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