Because of size, weight, strength and high energy, larger breed Cobberdogs (and all larger breed dogs) have two areas that need a little special attention. Larger dogs can be vulnerable to damage of skeletal structures as they grow, and they may be difficult to handle if not trained properly. 

Puppies are not fully grown skeletally until 12 months of age. Their growth plates in their joints are still soft, ligaments and tendons are under-developed, and muscles are still developing their strength and support.  Your large puppy needs to be able to safely burn energy, and be stimulated and socialised, without risk to the developing joints.

And he also needs to be well trained to be calm, attentive and obedient so that he is easy to handle and pleasant to be around!

At Ridgy Didge, we do everything possible in breeding and early puppy care to ensure the best possible health and handling of our larger breed Cobberdog puppies. Now it’s up to you to look after your larger breed pup as it continues to grow and develop, to prevent skeletal, joint, muscle or ligament damage; and to help it become a calm, manageable family companion.

During the first year of growth and development, some simple guidlines will help you to protect and condition your puppy as it grows and develops, to ensure it reaches its full potential of physical health and companionship.  These involve precautions around activities, appropriate exercise, food and nutrition, mental stimulation, and training and socialisation, grooming and general healthcare.  See all this infomation in our Ridgy Didge Guide to Raising your Larger Cobberdog Puppy.

If you would like to adopt a Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdog, please read our Adopting a Puppy information, before you continue the adoption process. For more information, pm us on Facebook, or contact us at our website. Like and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with ongoing puppy news and announcements.