four sizes of cobberdogs

At Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdogs, size matters very much!

When our families fill out our Adoption Form for a puppy, we ask them to provide all sorts of information about their lifestyle and their preferences regarding personality, nature and intended purpose of the pet - companion dog, therapy dog, recreation mate, etc...  We consider all this information, relative to a puppy's size and temperament and personality.

Size does matters in terms of environment (a small or large space to move around in) and a family's personal needs and wants, including food budget, exercise requirements, lifestyle and recreation habits, and busy-ness factor. Being large doesn't necessarily mean the dog will need a great big yard, some large dogs are very quiet and calm, and are happy to live with their owner in a unit and go for walks together in the park.  We work really hard to match the dog with the family's needs and preferences....

Cobberdogs are described in three categories of size - miniature (9-12kg), medium (12-20kg) and standard (20-35kg), with all the in-between sizes when breeding between the categories.  The gorgeous featured picture shows a range of our Ridgy Didge breeding Cobberdogs, on our property.  They are from left to right: our gorgeous blonde medium(large) Ridgy Didge Moon Shadow, driving the tractor; miniature (large)Ringo (Tegans Designed in Spirit), a stunning merle colour; golden miniature Solo (Tegans Hans Solo), and lovely chocolate miniature (small) Zali (Tegans Parti with Zali).  We think they are a delightful group of dogs and sizes! 

We have just had a beautiful litter of pups from a small medium mum and a medium dad.  We expect these puppies to mature to a small medium to medium size, but there can be variations. A couple of these puppies may still be available for adoption, so get in touch if you want more information. Our puppies reach their full height around 7-8 months and then continue to fill out over time.  For more details about size and weight, see our page describing Cobberdog characteristics.  Like and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with ongoing puppy news and announcements.