Puppy being handled
Cobberdog Puppy Receiving ENS


Here at Ridgy Didge, our first 2018 puppies are one week old.  And we are busier than ever!  Apart from general handling, we make sure that each of our Ridgy Didge Puppies has ENS exercises every day. "What's ENS?" you might ask.

Early Neurological Stimulation ( ENS ) involves exercises that include specific touching, positioning and sensory stimulation.  Puppies grow so quickly in the first weeks, with rapid neurological development too.  Research has shown that ENS daily on days 3 - 16 after birth, has important and lasting positive effects on the puppies' development. They reported stronger, healthier, more resilient puppies that showed better physical, emotional and intellectual performance!  Stronger immune systems, higher cardio-vascular performance and better problem solving ability were just some of the results! WOW!

At Ridgy Didge we want to provide the very best puppies we can. It's very important to us that each little Ridgy Didge Cobberdog puppy has these ENS exercises every day. The early stimulation they receive give them a head start in their lives, and also ongoing beneficial effects on their health, temperament and ability to handle stressful situations. 

Australian Cobberdogs were purposefully developed to make wonderful therapy and assistance dogs.  These ENS exercises further enhance and optimise all the wonderful breeding traits that make these dogs so special as therapy and assistance dogs, and of course, wonderful companion pets. 

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