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Ridgy Didge Alfie is a shining star at school!

You may remember Alfie, the Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdog that went to school at the end of 2017.  Well, we've had some lovely feedback this week! Alfie is now 5 months old and is a full member of the School Support Staff! Here's what his carer had to say...
"Alfie is a beautiful boy, with the most expressive eyes! He is...extremely affectionate and friendly with everyone. Alfie has settled really well at school, considering how many people he comes in to contact with each day, he takes it all in his stride. He is the first one at the car door in the morning.  He starts his day by saying Hi to everyone in the admin office before he goes off with the School Chaplain and then he divides his time between her and various other staff members."
Alfie's grandmother works with special needs children in Spain. Alfie has already shown the same amazing intuitive qualities of a great support dog.  Look at what he has achieved already...
"He made us very proud last week! Our Special Ed Unit asked if Alfie could go there as they had a new student who was having an anxiety attack. Alfie arrived and went up to the boy and laid down in front of him. The boy just stroked him and began to calm down. Alfie can be boisterous at school as everything is so exciting to him at the moment, but he seemed to know instinctively when he needs to be calm."

Wow!  Even though Alfie is still just a young pup, he has an innate ability to be a wonderful, calm, intuitive support dog! Australian Cobberdogs are commonly used as 'Therapy Dogs' and 'Assistance Dogs'. They may assist people with epilepsy, autism, anxiety, and so much more. Cobberdogs' low-shedding coats make them perfect for indoors, and people with allergies.

We are planning a number of litters this year, but there are many people already waiting.  So, if you would like to adopt a Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdogs in 2018, please read our Adoption Process information, submit an Adoption Form early so you will be on our waitlist and there's less chance of you being disappointed. For more information, pm us on Facebook, or contact us at our website. Like and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with ongoing puppy news and announcements.