Puppy Adoption Process

Ridgy Didge Puppy Adoption Process

Please note: at this time, we are no longer sending puppies overseas.
Before your complete and return an Adoption Form, please read this information carefully and fully.  To download the Ridgy Didge Puppy Selection and Adoption Process, click here.

We carefully match puppies to families, to ensure best possible outcome for the dog and family; understanding what’s involved will help make this process satisfying for both you and Ridgy Didge.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do our very best to match pups to families, but it is important to understand that if your wish for size, sex and colour is VERY specific, then it may take longer for nature to provide us with your perfect puppy.  If there is a price increase before we can match you to your puppy, and you do not wish to wait any further, we are happy to refund your deposit. 


Cobberdog puppy
Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdog puppy with a blue merle coat.


Application to Adopt, and Deposit

  1. Complete and submit our Adoption Form application and pay $300 non-refundable booking fee.
    Please make direct deposit to Goozee FT BSB 484-799 Acct 605 407 885.
    Once paid, we will process your Adoption Form and you will go on the waiting list for a puppy. 
    Your booking fee will go towards the total cost of your puppy. 
    This booking fee is valid for 12 months.  If we have been unable to offer you the puppy you have asked for, within 12 months, then we will ask you to reconfirm your interest at this time.  You may choose to continue on our waitlist for upcoming puppies, or to have your booking fee refunded. 
    If any families buy a puppy from another breeder in the time they are on our waitlist, PLEASE let us know so that we can take you off our waitlist and give another family the earlier prospect of having their own puppy.
  2. Once the puppies are born, you need to pay a deposit of $300. This will also go towards your total puppy cost.
  3. We will only refund your $300 deposit if we are unable to give you the puppy you have requested on your application form. We can’t refund your deposit if you change your mind; you can however move your deposit to another litter at another time.

Our Puppy Allocation Process

We did a special blog on this subject, to give you full insight into why we wait 6 weeks before allocating puppies to families.  You can see it here.

When our puppies have had their vet check at six weeks and we know they are all healthy we will allocate puppies to those who have paid their deposits. We are careful to consider the temperament of each puppy and match it to the right family.

We get to know the temperaments of our puppies early as they all have ENS (Early neural Stimulation) every day from birth. This is just a fancy term for a lot of handling and imprinting from birth. This time also gives us opportunity to look at their coats and see which type of coat they will have.

We will send photos of the litter with sex and colour so you can see them as they grow. This ensures there are no surprises for you by the time you are allocated your puppy. You are welcome to visit your puppy once you know which one is yours, and to take photos.

Your puppy will be ready to go to you around 9 weeks of age with plenty of information on puppy care, along with a vaccination card and desexing certificate.

Full Purchase Price and Inclusions for 2021 Puppies

When our waitlist opens again in mid 2021, puppy price is $4000 for male or female pup.  Merle puppy order is $300 extra (merle describes a blended coat colour of black [blue] or brown).
We do send puppies interstate and training and transport costs are added to these prices depending on puppy’s travel destination.
PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware that prices may be increased intermittently, as our expenses increase.  

The purchase price for a Ridgy Didge Cobberdog includes:

  • desexing
  • ear tattoo confirming desexing
  • two vet checks
  • vaccination appropriate for age
  • microchipping
  • worming program as advised by veterinarian
  • MDBA registration certificate
Merle coat Cobberdog pup.

Puppies go home at 9 Weeks

We are sorry but we can’t hold onto puppies for you after they are nine weeks of age. This is a crucial bonding time for young puppies once they leave their litter mates, so very important for them to start early training. The only exception to this policy would be extenuating circumstances for families unable to collect their puppy at nine weeks.

Socialising and Training your Cobberdog

We look for people who want to commit to training their pup and care for their Cobberdogs as part of the family.

Cobberdogs are very intelligent and playful, and while puppies are very cute and cuddly they will become naughty and destructive without training and stimulation. They really do need socialisation, taking out in the car to the beach, to a cafe for coffee, to Saturday sports where possible. They also need to go to puppy school as soon as age permits so both you and your puppy learn good dog language and behaviour.

Care of your Cobberdog’s Coat

Your Cobberdog pup is a non shedding dog so will need clipping 3 to 4 times a year to maintain a nice tangle-free coat. This of course depends on how short you want to keep the coat.

In addition to this your Cobberdog will require brushing and ear cleaning once weekly.  See this page for much more about Cobberdog coat care.

Our Guardian Program

With each litter of puppies we select the pup we think will have the best qualities for breeding into the future. We then test the pup for inherited diseases to make sure they are really going to carry on the best qualities. From there we choose a responsible family who fulfils our conditions and would like to give these pups a wonderful forever home. This means that the guardian takes the pup we choose at 9-10 weeks, with no purchase charge, and cares for the pup in their home, while we retain breeding rights for a set period of time.

At the end of the set breeding period the dog is desexed and the contract finishes. 
We do keep male pups in guardian homes but not as frequently.

Click here for more information about our Guardian Program.


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