That soft and silky puppy coat is just so beautiful and soft and sweet-smelling, you really don’t think to brush it to keep it looking and smelling wonderful.

STOP!  It is really important that you start right now, and take some time every couple of days to brush that coat!

But WHY, you ask?

Probably the very most important reason is to keep the puppy accustomed to the routine of being groomed!  While at Ridgy Didge the pups are brushed regularly, and even prepared for future grooming by being conditioned to the sound of the clipper from an early age, and clipped around the feet and ears and eyes before they go home. If you brush your pup from Day 1 at home, and develop a routine, the pup will be grow to enjoy the grooming, and be relaxed, patient and tolerant every time you groom.  

The first 6 months

Start grooming right from homecoming! Brushing and grooming should be relaxed and not rushed; and can be very soothing and calming for your puppy. It is a perfect activity to create and strengthen a wonderful bond between you and your puppy, and it should be enjoyable for both of you. Make the grooming session short to begin with and finish before your puppy becomes distracted or needs to move.

Supervise children brushing the puppy, and teach them how to do it gently and effectively.  Around 6 months, the puppy’s coat will be longer and will start to knot and matt if you don’t brush it regularly. If you leave grooming till then, the puppy will not be used to the routine and everything will be so much harder!  Matting and knots can trap dirt and moisture under the coat and this may cause skin irritation and possible infection issues.

9 Months of age

Your puppy’s coat will change around 9 months, into an adult coat. Remember that Cobberdogs are mostly low-shedding, so as the coat is changing, it can get VERY tangled with the adult coat growing through the baby fluff!  At this time, it is really important to brush and comb daily until the tangles stop happening – around 6-8 weeks later. 

After the adult coat is grown in, a good comb and brush every week will remove the growing out fibres and keep your dog’s coat looking and feeling wonderful!

puppy being groomed
Very relaxed puppy.
grooming tools
Grooming toolkit - click to enlarge

How to Brush & Comb

Brush from under, and work up the coat in layers from bottom to top for best results. Comb after brushing, to finish and to find any matts you may have missed.

Any matting should be separated with the brush from underneath - lift the coat and start from below the tangle, clearing small sections at a time.  After the matting is cleared, use a comb to ensure it is all matt-free.

To help detangle a coat that really needs help, we recommend Dr Show Mane’n’Tail Detangler & Shine. A little squeezed into the palm of your hand and then massaged through from the top to the tip of the coat using a raking action with your fingers spread. Starting combing the coat and you will find most tangles loosen immediately!

More information about bathing, drying, clipping and nailcare can be found on our Puppy Grooming page.  Enjoy your well-groomed, well-conditioned puppy!

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