Cobberdogs and small children! We love our work!

Toddler feeding Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdog

There's an old saying "never work with animals or small children"! 

Well, we have to say that here at Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdogs we disagree! We just love working with our animals, and never more than when our precious grand-children are here enhancing our experiences!  This photo captures our darling grand-daughter sharing a special moment (and some dog treats and bark) with our up-and-coming young miniature breeding boy Hans Solo.

The photo says so much.  Link to the video behind this picture to see more of the gentle interaction between these two lovely little beings...  Australian Cobberdogs really are so very gentle and intuitive with children young and old, big and small. The history of the breed is that it was developed in Australia, specifically to be gentle, companion pets with intuition around feelings and needs. Australian Cobberdogs are now used as 'Therapy Dogs' and 'Assistance Dogs' right across the world. They may assist people with epilepsy, autism, anxiety, and so much more. Cobberdogs' low-shedding coats make them perfect for indoors, and people with allergies.

Right now we are awaiting a new litter of pups that could be a lovely rainbow of colours, from merle and gold, to blonde and raven!  They will mature to medium size and be ready to go to their forever homes in mid-March 2018.  We already have people on our waitlist for some of these puppies, so if you are interested, you'll have to move quickly - see details about our Adoption Process and complete an Adoption form here. Keep in touch to follow our news and announcements - Like and follow our Facebook page, or contact us at our website

So, here at Ridgy Didge we'll ignore that old saying, and look forward in 2018 to more of what we love - our grand-babies, and more puppies to bring joy to our adopting families.