Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdog puppy


There’s no disputing that this is a very important part of a puppy’s training!  There’s also no disputing that if not done properly, things can get very messy and frustrating!

Cobberdogs are companion dogs, and ideally suited to being indoors with their human family much of the time, so make life easier for you and your puppy by giving toilet training the time and commitment that it requires to be successful!  If you put in the effort it should only take 2 weeks to be complete.  

The great news is that dogs are naturally clean animals; dogs in the wild are really fussy about keeping their dens clean and will not usually toilet where they sleep or eat!  At Ridgy Didge, we take advantage of this natural behaviour and facilitate toilet training long before the pup comes home to you. 

At Ridgy Didge, at around 3 weeks old our pups go outside to their large puppy pen with their mother.  The pen has clearly delineated indoor and outdoor areas just like your home. There’s a little house for sleeping, concrete outside area for feeding, and grassy yard and garden for play.  With free run in their puppy pen, the dogs naturally learn to toilet out in the yard, away from their sleeping and feeding areas, right from the early days.

Once the pup goes home with you, family routine is so different and everything is so big and unfamiliar!  Running out to toilet is no longer so simple for your small puppy!  Your pup will depend on you to give them very clear guidance and routine to continue their successful toileting habits. Puppy toilet training at your home should begin right from day 1!

Your puppy will unconsciously develop habits around toileting and a toileting area, based on familiarity, smell (urine, poo or ammonia), surface (grass, sand, newspaper, concrete, carpet, tiles, etc.), and some functional things like sleeping, playing and eating. It’s up to you to guide your pup so the habits and associations developed are good ones!

Right from the first day you take your puppy home, the closer you can watch your puppy, the less chance there will be for accidents to happen. Your puppy will understand quickly and be more secure and confident. Your puppy will quickly develop physical control and mental acuity around this whole process. Happy puppy, happy family!

We've created a 10 Point Toilet Training Guide that will get you off to really good training for your pup. These guide you to use routine, consistency, restriction, reward, and environment to make training your puppy a really satisfying and successful process. Click here our 10 Point Toilet Training guide.  

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