Red Harvest Moon Struts His Stuff

Cobberdogs Playing on beach

Say hello to Ridgy Didge Harvest Moon, our very own home grown Ridgy Didge Stud boy. He is only six months old but we are looking forward  to him joining our breeding program and siring our next generation of Australian Cobberdog puppies. As you can see he has quite a striking appearance contributed to in part by his lovely fleece coat. His dad was a service dog in the US. and he has carried through the same characteristics and aptitude which we are looking to infuse into future generations.

Even if you are not looking for an assistance dog, the qualities he will produce in his offspring will endear them as great family pets. Gentle nature with children of all ages, intelligent and very responsive to training, they will fit in very easily to most family situations. And of course, the low shedding coat makes them makes them amenable to indoor living, particularly for those suffering from allergies.For more info visit us here.