Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

Newborn puppies - multi-coloured

Our new litter of puppies arrived on September 1, and they are indeed very special!  They are a stunning assortment of colours: 3 brown, 2 blonde and 2 merle!  Everything is going beautifully and the puppies are thriving!  Their eyes are still closed, but their little tummies are very full and their tails are wagging to show their contentment.

Some of these little ones are already destined to be beloved 'Therapy/Assistance Dogs'.  Cobberdogs were specially bred to be perfect companion pets; they may assist people with epilepsy, autism, anxiety, and so much more. Cobberdogs' low-shedding coats make them perfect for indoors, and people with allergies.  A couple of these special little pups are still available for adoption, but be quick!  For more information, contact us.