Puppy Adoption Applications suspended for 2020 – Ridgy Didge waitlist is full!

Ridgy Didge Puppy Adoption Applications are now closed until end of 2020. Our waitlist is full, and as further litters are bred they are already spoken for until into 2021.

We apologise for any disappointment.  But we want our supporters to understand that our responsible breeding program takes time and patience.  We hope you agree our puppies are really worth waiting for. 

Did you know our Mums have only two litters of pups before they are retired?  And it takes time waiting for them to grow up and have their first cycle so we can predict when they will be bred. Remember after being bred it takes around four months till puppies go home.

We reserve five pups per litter and puppies are allocated according to the dates the adoption form and booking fee comes in to us. If our Mums have more than five puppies the extra pups are allocated to the next people on the wait list.

You are welcome to join our 2021 waitlist when it opens again, and we are sure your puppy will be well worth the wait. Thank-you for your interest, understanding, patience and support. 

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