Guardian Family Application Form – to apply to be guardian for a Ridgy Didge puppy


Before your complete and return our Guardian Family Application form below, please read  this information about our Guardian Program, carefully and fully.  This information contains all the details and requirements, commitments and responsibilities associated with becoming a Ridgy Didge Cobberdog

We take great efforts to carefully match puppies to families, to ensure the best possible outcome for the dog and family.  Understanding what’s involved before you submit an application will streamline this process, and help make it more satisfying for both you and Ridgy Didge.

Thank you for your understanding and attention.





Please complete and submit this form to apply to become guardian for a Ridgy Didge breeding puppy.

Home or mobile, or both, whichever you prefer
Your home address, including street, town/city,
Please give details such as family size, age of children, leisure activities, etc.
Tell us about your other pets, your confidence to train a dog, previous experience with dogs and training, etc.