Dog Profiles – RIDGY DIDGE MANGO LILY – Mango

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Ridgy Didge Mango Lily -
" Mango "


SIRE: Ridgy Didge Lil Louis - Louis
Dam:  Ridgy Didge Diamond Girl - Meg


Mango Lily is DNA clear of 39 common canine diseases.
Mango comes from four generations of dogs with confirmed good hip results.
Her hip results are:
PennHip    Right DI = .37
                  Left DI   = .41
OFA  Result   Good Hip Joint Conformation. Well formed hip joint confirmation compared to other individuals of same breed & age.

Elbows negative for Elbow Dysplasia both left & Right. 


Mango is the daughter of Meg and Louis and an F4 Cobberdog, with a beautiful low density straight golden fleece coat.
She is a beautiful miniature if she remains her current 8 months size, probably fully grown; just 42 cm at her shoulder.

Mango has magnificent eye contact, and a beautiful. confident, calm nature.  So far we think she is Cobber perfection!


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