Dog Profiles – RIDGY DIDGE HARPER – Harper

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Ridgy Didge Harper - 
" Harper"


Sire: Tegans Aced It All
Dam: Ridgy Didge Ma Belle


DNA: Orivet full disease panel; Clear 31 inheritable diseases, At Risk 0
Penn Hip;   Distraction Index (DI)    Right DI = 0.39   Left DI  = 0.38
Falls within the central 90% range of DI’s for the breed.
Elbows negative.


Harper is an F4 medium  Raven Cobberdog with a glistening low density Raven straight fleece coat.
Harper has a very mellow sweet temperament like her mother Betty. She lives with her guardian family and will have pups later this year.
Harper’s pups will have therapy temperaments.

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