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Ridgy Didge Zara - 
" Zara "


Sire: Caine Hill Mr Perfect - Murphy
Dam: Ridgy Didge Mochachino - Mocha


PART ONE: Orivet Panel genetics testing is all clear of the 39 testable common canine diseases.
PART TWO: Hips & Elbows: 

PennHip Results   Right DI  = 0.51   Left  DI   =  0.59
No radiographic evidence of OA for either hip.

Elbows negative for elbow dysplasia both left & right


Zara is an F4 small medium girl from Mocha & Murphy.
She will mature to a lovely café colour as all brown dogs do. Zara has a straight fleece coat which is low shedding.

Zara lives with her guardian family here on the coast & has a very relaxed and cool temperament 
We reckon her pups will be beautiful when Zara is first bred in 2023.

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