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Ridgy Didge introduces
" Raisdoodles Jagger "



Introducing Raisdoodles Jagger to our breeding program, for new genetic diversity and beautiful added characters.  


DNA: Orivet full disease panel; Completely Clear 31 inheritable diseases
OFA Hip Scores: Good Hip Joint Conformation.
Elbows:  Negative for elbow dysplasia
OFA Eye Exam:  No abnormalities


Jagger is a small medium dog.  He has a straight fleece coat that is a stuning deep gold colour.  
Jagger brings new bloodlines with genetic diversity to our Ridgy Didge breeding program. From his own puppy pictures and his lineage, we think his pups will be really special!
Jagger is a friendly, sweet-natured boy.  He loves meeting adults and children, and is very playful yet calm and gentle. He is very well socialised with other dogs, and is good on and off leash.

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