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Ridgy Didge introduces
Caralee Zoe - 
" Zoe "


Ridgy Didge is excited to introduce Caralee Zoe to our breeding program.  As a completely new infusion of bloodline, Zoe will help us to strengthen the breed development and improve our own genetic lines and health.


PART 1:  Orivet Breeding Profile DNA clear of 31 common canine diseases. At Risk 0
PART 2:  Preliminary hip results good @ .54, we will be repeating hip tests when she matures a bit more.


Zoe is a small medium to medium girl with a café coloured coat in low density fleece.
Zoe brings a new bloodline infusion to our breeding program, which is wonderful for the breed development and our pups' genetic health.
Her nature is just lovely.  Zoe is very smart, loves to please and she gets on will all dogs and people!
Zoe will have pups at Ridgy Didge in 2024. Zoe lives at Ridgy Didge with us, and we think she is very special.

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