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Ridgy Didge introduces -
" Raffa"


Parentage: : Raffa brings strong new bloodlines to Ridgy Didge, with 30 years of pedigree that goes back to some of the original dogs that created the breed. We are excited.


Orivet DNA profile shows Raffa is clear of 37 inheritable canine diseases.
DNA profile also shows NO copies of shedding gene, the best possible allergy-free result.
Penn hip:   Right  DI =  .0.41    Left =  0.38
Radiographic studies show no evidence of OA for either hip.
Elbows negative for elbow dysplasia, both Left and Right.


Raffa is a stunning boy with a beautiful straight fleece coat, of apricot colour.
His coat is simply divine, and simply DOES NOT matt, ever!
Raffa is a medium size boy. He has such a gorgeous chilled nature and just loves everyone.  He is a bit of a goofball with truckloads of character.
Raffa's father is a therapy dog, and Raffa is already so calm and tolerant around children.
There are so many beautiful qualities that we are expecting Raffa to pass on to his offspring, in both appearance and temperament.

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