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Caine Hill Mr Perfect -
" Murphy"



Sire: Great Mates Zachery  
Dam: Sharchum You Had Me At Hello


DNA: Orivet full disease panel; Clear 31 inheritable diseases, At Risk 0
Penn Hip;   Distraction Index (DI)    Right DI = 0.51   Left DI  = 0.46
Falls within the central 90% range of DI’s for the breed.
Lavelle Result:  9 - well above Breed Average: Zero being best, and Breed Average: 12.5
Elbows nevative for elbow dysplasia. R 0 and L 0


Murphy is a small medium F6 stud boy with a low density straight fleece coat which will mature to a beautiful café colour. Most brown pups who are born brown will mature to a lighter colour. We love the cafe colour or sometimes they become parchment which is just beautiful. The coat lightens to a milky colour and their head and ears stay chocolate. Another rare colour. a very calm yet very confident young man, and lives with his very dedicated dog-wise guardian family on the Sunshine Coast. Here’s what his guardian mum has to say “Murphy is now going to the beach each day, loving the surf and taking small walks around the kids playground. He is very admired.  He is calm and happy, barks rarely. He is gentle with kids and other dogs. His coat is really beautiful right now, long and soft. Teeth look great. Temperament is lovely. “

We think he will be a great dad when his time comes. We expect to breed Murphy in late 2021 or early 2022. 

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