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Parent Dog Profiles – Retired dogs

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Our Retired Breeding Dogs

This page provides photos and profiles of our retired breeding dogs, who are all beloved forever pets in family homes.  We are so sentimental about our dogs that we like to see their faces here, and you can see ancestry for some of our up and coming young breeding dogs and puppies for adoption. Click forwards on the picture boxes to enjoy more views of these beautiful dogs!

Ridgy Didge Elanor RiccbyRidgy Didge ElanorAustralian Cobberdog from Ridgy DidgeCobberdog puppiesCobberdog pups



Elanor should mature to a large mini small medium. Elanor has a lovely soft black fleece coat. 

Our original home grown girl, Elanor always loved a good play with her best friend Ringo. She loves the beach but will stick close and is never tempted to chase other dogs. She is very clever and has been keen to fetch a ball since a pup.

Elanor has retired and gone to live in the lap of love and comfort with a retired Sunshine Coast couple.  The admiration is mutual and Elanor is very happy.

  • Brown Cobberdog
    Beautiful, caring Macey



Macey lives with her lovely guardian family on the Sunshine Coast.
Macey has a beautiful chocolate coat that is the softest fleece, and a lovely soft nature. She is so gentle with little children and was a beautiful little mother to her two litters of pups.


Ridgy Didge Gypsy Rose CobberdogRidgy Didge Gypsy Rose CobberdogRidgy Didge Gypsy Rose CobberdogCobberdog puppiesCobberdog puppies



Gypsy lives with her wonderful guardian family on the Sunshine Coast. She is now retired from breeding and our guardian program.
She is a small medium Australian Cobberdog. Passed all health checks.
Gypsy has a beautiful cafe and white coat that is the softest fleece, and matches her beautiful soft nature. She is a real companion girl.

Gypsy has proven to be an exceptional mother, so nurturing and relaxed. Her pups will be very special companion pets for a very long time.


Ridgy Didge Rambling RoseRidgy Didge Rambling RoseRidgy Didge Rambling RoseRidgy Didge Rambling RoseCobberdog puppies



Cocoa lives with her loving family with children, on the Sunshine Coast, and is now retired from breeding and our guardian program.
She is a large medium, with a beautiful cafe fleece coat. 
Passed all health checks.
Cocoa has the most beautiful temperament, and is so patient and gentle with small children. She is a perfect family pet.


Beautiful Cobberdog face and nature.Raven coat, excellent form CobberdogCobberdog puppiesCobberdog puppies



Moon is a beautiful large medium with a glistening Raven coat.
She passes all health checks.

Beautiful, soft, sweet Moon has bloodlines that are now so precious!  Moon's mother Tegans Moonlight Wispers, a wonderful assistance dog, is now living in Spain. Her father is Tegans Poetic Breeze, now living in Norway.  Moon loves going to work with Greg and her favourite spot is the front seat of his car. She has such a lovely nature and melts the heart of everyone who meets her.


Australian Cobberdog breeding dogRidgy Didge Australian Cobberdog ZaliCobberdog Zali loves peopleZali and her RidgyDidge Cobberdog Puppies 2017



Our beautiful Zali is now retired.  She is young and healthy and is going to spend forever with a special family who is adopting her.

Zali is a lovely chocolate and white parti-coloured miniature with a fleece coat. Her DNA results are squeaky clean.
A real little pocket rocket, nobody bosses Zali around or takes her bones. Yet she has such a lovely sweet nature and just wants to be with us and follow us around. Zali is super confident with people and other dogs, and I have to say her favorite spot is on a lap. Zali is a very loyal little girl and will stick by us where ever we go.

cafe coloured Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdog ToffeeCobberdog Puppies



Toffee lives with her family in Maleny and is now retired from breeding and our guardian program. But she still goes to work as Cobberdog therapy dog of Therrie Rosenvald Pawsitive Counselling, helping people to feel  better. By all reports, Toffee is really good at doing that!  

Toffee had a large litter of roly poly puppies of a beautiful range of rainbow colours, and their adopting families are so very happy.


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