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Parent Dog Profiles – Our Boys

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Our Male Breeding Dog Profiles

This page provides photos and profiles of all our current and up-and-coming male breeding dogs.  Click forwards on the picture boxes to enjoy more views of these beautiful boys!

Profiles give you valuable information about the size, appearance and temperament of each dog and will help you to understand how we pair dogs to produce the best pups for our adopting families' wish lists and needs.


Ridgy Didge Cobberdog Stud DogWhy are Cobberdogs so special?Ridgy Didge Australian CobberdogsRidgy Didge Australian Cobberdogs


Sire: Tegans Divine by Design
Dam: Tegans Sweet Spirit

Ringo should mature to small medium, large miniature, all his DNA results are squeaky clean. His stunning blue merle soft fleece coat make him a stand out. He has a lovely fluid ground-covering trot and is a pleasure to watch.

This cool dude is everyone’s friend, he is such a confident young man. Ringo will even go up to a Great Dane and say  “Hi! Feel like playing?” Ringo is at home anywhere. He loves the water and his favourite spot is the beach, where he enjoys a surf then a game chasing little soldier crabs back into their homes.

Ridgy Didge Cobberdog sireRidgy Didge Australian CobberdogRidgy Didge Harvest MoonRed Fleece Ridgy Didge CobberdogRidgy Didge Australian Cobberdog


Sire: Rutlands Red Rufus
Dam: Tegans moon Dust in a Breeze

Beau is a beautiful large-medium, who could make standard yet. He is Red Rose in colour with a lovely wavy fleece colour. 

This boy is super confident, and lives close to the beach with his guardian family who absolutely adore him. He loves going to work, where he gets even more cuddles and pats just for being good looking!

Ridgy Didge Hans SoloRidgy Didge Hans SoloRidgy Didge Hans SoloRidgy Didge Hans SoloRidgy Didge Hans Solo miniature cobberdogRidgy Didge Hans Solo miniature cobberdog


Chip 900032002198199, F4 Australian Cobberdog, Miniature
Fleece coat, Gold
Sire: Tegans Solitary Lover
Dam: Tegans Silk

This little man is a beautiful miniature, our 2018 new stud for Ridgy Didge Australian Cobberdogs. We looked after his Dad for a few months in 2016 for Tegans Australian Cobberdogs, and fell in love with him and his nature.  We were delighted to have be able to purchase Hans Solo as a stud dog for our miniature girls and we have not been disappointed with this gorgeous little man.
Solo has a fleece coat and a very confident outgoing personality, with a cool, calm nature just like his Dad. His gorgeous red colour brings a new dimension to our breeding lines at Ridgy Didge.

Ridgy Didge CobberdogRidgy Didge CobberdogRidgy Didge Cobberdog


Mother: Ridgy Didge Red Moon Shadow (Shadow)
Father: Rutlands Irish Revival (Banjo)

Beamer is maturing to large medium. He is a really handsome boy with a lovely wavey fleece coat.

We are planning to breed with Beamer in mid-2019. Watch this space!


Brown CobberdogBrown Cobberdog


Future Stud boy, he's still a growing pup.

Fox will mature to be miniature. He is a really handsome boy with a lovely brown wavey fleece coat.



Brown CobberdogBrown Cobberdog


Beautiful stud boy owned by Tegans Cobberdogs. We sometimes breed our girls with this outstanding dog, and are very grateful to Tegans Cobberdogs for allowing us to breed with this outstanding boy.

Banjo's size is large medium, and his coat was a glorious rich brown wavy fleece coat. He lives on the Gold Coast with his adoring guardian family and surfs every day!



Ridgy Didge Obi OneRidgy Didge Obi OneRidgy Didge Obi One


Mother: Ridgy Didge Elanor Riccby - Elanor
Father: Tegans Hans Solo - Solo

Future Stud boy, he's still a growing pup.

Obi is a gold fleece miniature boy, and he lives with his wonderful guardian family in Tanawah. We plan to breed Obi in late 2019.


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